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Course in Belly Dance
Arabic Jazz Fusion
Cool Combos
Funky Steps
The Shisha Dance

Bellylicious show |

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DVD £24.99 + P&P
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A Course in Belly Dance

Double DVD + Audio CD. Ideal for absolute beginners, improvers and great for teachers.
The download version does not include the CD

Moves included are: Hips circles, Horizontal fig. 8, Vertical fig 8, Teqs, Hip drops, Fwd & back hip drops, One hip circle, Swerves, Undulations, Camels part 1 & 2, Kenya step, Forward & back step, Snake arms, Shoulder hits, shoulder circles and shoulder shimmy, Hip shimmies. there are also 3 Combinations with all the moves used on the DVD.
The Music on the DVD is by Tim Garside / Garsaaidi

..." I was advised Galit's 2dvd set for beginners here on bhuz -while I owned already many beginner dvds what I loved for Galit's was she has a very old movie star like glamour in her movements. her arms reminded me a bit of Samia Gamal - and when she got into the beginner movements her way of getting into the moves and stopping them was very pretty and elegant, showing more integrated movements than "just" beginner moves.."

"I have this: Galit Mersand - Course in Belly Dance DVD. I got it for ideas for my classes. I like her a lot! It is a no frills production. The CD is one guy playing dumbek, percussion, nay, and other non electrified sound, ethnic. It is also great for teaching!"

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Arabic jazz fusion belly dance DVD

promo clip on youtube

download - £4.99



DVD - £14.99 + P&P
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Arabic Jazz Fusion


Many modern belly dance stars use jazz steps in their choreography, and in this easy to follow belly dance DVD, Galit shows you how to do it yourself! Here you will learn popular and adaptable jazz steps and how to incorporate them into your belly dancing.

This belly dance DVD is broken down into a series of small individual sections, offering technique tutorial, drills and a full choreography taught demonstrated and performed (by Galit in the studio)You can run through the whole thing, enjoy a bite-sized practice when it's convenient and repeat sections easily to perfect your Arabic fusion moves. It includes an easy to follow section of the whole choreography that you can practice along to

No jazz dance experience is necessary, but to get the most out of your belly dance DVD, it is recommended that you have a year or more of belly dance experience.

"I recently purchased your DVD and I am in Love with it!!.. make more!..I am hooked on this..." (Gina from the U.S.)

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download - £4.99

DVD - £14.99 + P&P
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Cool Combos and the Art of Layering

Galit is known for her unique style and fabulous layering.
In this DVD she shares some of her signature combinations that she uses in her own dancing.
This DVD is full of inspiring ideas to help add "Va va voom" to your dancing.
It includes technique tutorials, drills, with full length 'practice dance' using all the combos in this DVD.

A live performance clip showing Galit using the steps taught is included on this DVD together with bonus features of live performance clips which have not been released before.

Approx. running time 1 hour

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promo clip on youtube

download - £4.99

DVD - £14.99 + P&P
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Funky Step Combinations

Funky Step Combinations' is clear, easy to follow and apply to your own dancing.
Complete with tutorials, drills and full dance practice putting all combinations together into a routine.
Jam packed with exciting and original combinations, this DVD is bound to stimulate your creativity and send you on a 'choreographic spree'.

As well as combination tutorials, you'll also find technique tutorials for: Egyptian walk (hagala), spins, traveling sideways mayas, Choo choo shimmy and other steps which are required to make up the 9 combinations in this DVD.

Suitable for Improver/ intermediate level
Approx running time 80 mins

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Galit performing the Shisha Dance on youtube

Not available as download

DVD - £14.99 + P&P
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The Shisha DVD

Inspired by the famous Fifi Abdou, evenings of smoking on the beach and many parties, Galit Mersand is the first dancer to use the Shisha (hubble bubble) as a dance prop. In this DVD Galit's ‘Shisha Dance’ is broken down into all it’s components and taught clearly to help you create your own fabulous, sassy, sexy, cheeky ‘Shisha dance’.

This DVD includes: - How to put a shisha together - Entrance & traveling Steps with the shisha
- Dance moves with a shisha in your hand - Acting out on a chair - being a ‘drama queen’- Leaving stage with the shisha - Dancing & smoking without choking... and much more!

Whether you want to perform it on stage or your next Summer party, or if you just want to sit back, relax and watch The Shisha DVD is just the thing for you

Also featuring the Shisha Dance performed live and a different version of the dance performed in the studio.

Inside your DVD box there’s a leaflet with the steps explained for you to follow with the DVD, more pictures and tips to help spice up your Shisha Dance.

Running time 1 hour

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promo clip on youtube
(not footage from DVD)

download - £4.99



DVD - £14.99 + P&P
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'Bellylicious - Belly Dance Cabaret with a Difference'

 "Fasten your bra straps, loosen your hips and get ready.." For a Belly Dance show like no other you have ever seen!

Share the experience, fun and laughter in this one of it's kind Belly Dance comedy. This DVD features the whole show put together from live footage. If you haven't seen Bellylicious live, this is your chance to have the 'Bellylicious experience' and if you have been there yourself it's a chance to re-live the fun.

Read a review of the DVD/Download here

Find out more about Galit's Bellylicious Shows here

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