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Belly Dance has the power to change women's lives as it helps align body, feeling, mind and spirit in movements that evolved through the ages. It is a low impact exercise which suits all ages and body types.

Galit's love affair with belly dance started in 1996. She has a long standing successful career as a professional belly dancer and is one of the UK's most respected Belly Dance teachers today.

She has been teaching and performing Bellydance since 1996. Trained by some of the world’s greatest Bellydance masters Galit holds a JWAAD Belly Dance teacher’s diploma and is a licensed JWAAD technique assessor. She runs weekly classes in Brighton as well as workshops all over the country and worldwide. Her Belly Dance classes are a wonderful combination of fun and high technical standard. Galit's natural humor and light hearted manner linked with her inspirational and deep understanding of movement make her classes an all around uplifting experience.
Galit performs at select festivals and private events, she also has numerous instructional DVDs & Downloads for all levels.

Belly dance classes are a fun opportunity for any woman to experience a greater connection and sensitivity to her own body and and to express her creative and spontaneous self through this ancient and beautiful dance form.

What to wear
Wear Comfortable clothes. A hip scarf is fun to wear but not compulsory. Traditionally Belly dance is done in bare feet but dance shoes can be worn if preferred.

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Weekly Belly Dance Classes

Mondays 18:30 (improvers)| Thursday 13:00 (beginners)|

Belly Dance - improver level (min. 6 months consistent Belly Dance experience required)

In this class we will be moving on from the basic moves to moves which require more dexterity such as traveling steps, layering and complex combinations.

MONDAYS 6:30pm - 7:30pm @ Happy Cell (studio 4) Classes resume 7th of September
At The Happy Cell, 121-123 Davigdor Road, Hove, BN3 1RE
£10 per class
£40 for 5 classes
Pay on arrival


Belly Dance - Beginners level

This class covers basic Belly Dance technique with simple variations and step combinations. Special attention is given to body awareness, posture, connection to the music and self expression through dance.
Suitable for all including absolute beginners.

THURSDAYS 1pm - 2pm @ BNHC

5 week course from 24th of September - 22nd October
Fee: £40/£35
The course is running and is open for drop ins @ £10 per class
Book the course online here or phone: 01273600010

Brighton Natural Health Centre, 27 Regent Street BN1 1UL
Tel: 01273600010

Private lessons are also available, email Galit for information or to book or call 07957636151


"I danced my whole life, and belly dancing made me feel more comfortable to be in my own body" Jessica Arceneaux

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