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Arabic jazz fusion belly dance DVD







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Arabic Jazz Fusion (Imp/int level) - £9.99 + P&P


"I recently purchased your DVD and I am in Love with it!!.. make more!..I am hooked on this..." (Gina in the U.S.)

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Many modern belly dance stars use jazz steps in their choreography, and in this easy to follow belly dance DVD, Galit Mersand shows you how to do it yourself!

This is a great belly dance DVD designed for intermediate dancers, who want to enrich their vocabulary with these dramatic, high tempo moves.

Galit blends classic Arabic belly dance with fun and energetic jazz steps, presented in her signature warm and friendly manner.

Galit has chosen popular and adaptable jazz steps and movements for her belly dance DVD, so that when you have mastered them, they will easily fit into your own Arabic fusion belly dance routines.

This belly dance DVD is broken down into a series of small individual sections, so you can run through the whole thing, enjoy a bite-sized practice when it's convenient or repeat sections easily to perfect your Arabic fusion moves.

In the first section Galit explains and teaches the steps, giving a clear and easy-to-follow breakdown of each one, making sure that you build a foundation of clean form right from the start.

The second section of this belly dance DVD, Galit puts together drills of the movements to help you develop that all-important muscle memory.

In the third section, Galit delivers a choreography, clearly showing how Arabic belly dance and jazz fuse together to create a dynamic and attention-grabbing performance! Again, Galit draws on her extensive teaching experience to break the choreography down in manageable pieces, making it easy to learn.

Finally you can watch Galit's performance all the way through, and when you're ready, follow along at home!

The DVD comes with a choreography sheet too.

No jazz dance experience is necessary, but to get the most out of your belly dance DVD, Galit recommends that you have a year or more of belly dance experience. This is because the jazz steps are layered on top of fundamental Arabic belly dance movements.

If you're looking for a belly dance DVD for a beginner or an intermediate-beginner dancer, then Galit's DVD 'Course in Belly Dance' will make sure you get your Arabic belly dance fundamentals spot on before moving on to this DVD.

Running time: 1 hour

Compatibility: This belly dance DVD is playable as a download on all major media players, and is an all-regions DVD.

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