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The Shisha DVD - £9.99 (+£2 P&P or £3 for delivery outside the UK)


Not available as download

Inspired by the famous Fifi Abdou, evenings of smoking on the beach and many parties, Galit Mersand is the first dancer to use the Shisha (hubble bubble) as a dance prop. In this DVD Galit's ‘Shisha Dance’ is broken down into all it’s ‘ingredients’ and taught clearly to help you create your own fabulous, sassy, sexy, cheeky ‘Shisha dance’.

This DVD includes:
- How to put a shisha together
- Entrance & traveling Steps with the shisha
- Dance moves with a shisha in your hand
- Acting out on a chair - being a ‘drama queen’
- Leaving stage with the shisha
- Dancing & smoking without choking
....and much more!

Whether you want to perform it on stage or your next Summer party, or if you just want to sit back, relax and watch The Shisha DVD is just the thing for you

Also featuring the Shisha Dance performed live and a different version of the dance performed in the studio.

Inside your DVD box there’s a leaflet with the steps explained for you to follow with the DVD, more pictures and tips to help spice up your Shisha Dance.

Running time 1 hour

To order your DVD by post please email me for the address to send your cheque (£12.99 inc postage)


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